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About Us

Clear Imaging Medical Systems Pvt. Ltd.
started its operations in the year 2000 with the aim of providing quality maintenance services and refurbished equipments like CT Scanners, MRI Scanners, B/W Ultrasound Scanners, Color Doppler, X- Ray systems, Mammography systems, etc. at reasonable prices.

Clear Imaging Medical Systems Pvt. Ltd. has supplied and is presently maintaining is comfortable and equipped in the following modalities in government as well as private establishments:

Refurbished CT Scanners- GE LS VCT 64 Slice, GE LS 16/8/4 Slice, Brightspeed Series, QXi, Brivo Dual & Single, Hispeed LXi/FXi/ZXi, NXi, NXi- Pro, Hispeed CTe Dual & Single, Prospeed & Sytec (All models), CT Max 640
Refurbished MRI Scanners- Hitachi MRP 7000 Series (0.3T), Hitachi Airies I & II, GE Supercon Series (1.5T)
IT Solutions
Electrolyte Analyzers of various types
Fully Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer of various types
Semi Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer of various types
Automatic Blood Gas Analyzer of various types
Hematology Cell Counter of various types
Fully Automatic Urine Analyzer
Automatic Hemoglobin Analyzer
Reagents for all the above mentioned equipments
Ventilator of various types
Various types of diagnostic kits and cards

Clear Imaging Medical Systems Pvt. Ltd. is always exploring the new thrust areas whereby it can grow exponentially and enhance its penetration in the market with all the vigor. Clear Imaging Medical Systems Pvt. Ltd. has also diversified into green renewable energy sources & energy efficiency business and is active in providing Solar, Wind, Biomass based power generation (from Kilowatt up to several Megawatts) & a reliable supplier of energy efficient lighting like LED & Induction Lights.We are also conducting energy audit activities & our clients have benefited enormously from these audits and the recommendations suggested by us.

Clear Imaging Medical Systems Pvt. Ltd. is a company with vision, a company on a mission

to build local capacities for high quality engineering services and consultancy, to deliver the latest appropriate technologies wherever required.
At CIMS, we are driven by a unique vision,

a philosophy that combines profitability and good business practices with safeguarding the customer’s interests.

We believe “Small is beautiful” and that being close toClear Imaging Medical Systems Pvt. Ltd., spurs the best possible solution for problems. We believe in innovation and excellence, and aim to achieve the highest standards of quality and perfection. 
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